Star Wire Rope and Sheave Gauge

Your company will look great when it’s written on a star. Star Wire Rope and Sheave Gauge

Star gauges are more durable than plastic gauges yet less expensive than Stainless Steel sets. Sheaves are measured using the points and Wire Rope in the notches between the blades.

Star gauges can be designed in five or six point configurations and produced in Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum.

They are perfect for applications where a smaller range of gauges are desired or special tolerances are needed.

Star Guages

Part No. Details Details Qty Price  
GSA0606 +5% - 6 point - 1/4 to 9/16 Red (small) $21.00 USD
GSA0508 +5% - 5 point - 5/8 to 7/8 Red (medium) $24.00 USD
GSA0513 +5% - 5 point - 15/16 to 1 3/8 Red (large) $30.00 USD
HSA0606 +2.5% - 6 point - 15/16 to 1 3/8 Blue (small) $21.00 USD
LAN Lanyard with Breakaway Clip Black $6.00 USD